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Child Advocacy Center

Digital footage is an essential tool for child advocates, and it has to work flawlessly in any setting.

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Law Enforcement

Start your chain of evidence with the touch of a button…

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Critiques are imperative to build medical student’s foundational skills, and to keep physicians at peak performance.

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From the classroom to the lab to self-observation, iRecord is a natural partner for any professional or student who is striving to improve.

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The iRecord Ecosystem

Explore the many products of iRecord and our partners to discover your path to a complete digital recording ecosystem.

Your Search for a Recording Solution Just Got Easier


Selecting a provider for your interview recording equipment is a big responsibility. The process takes time, but we don’t think it should be a hassle. That’s why we created a guidebook to help agencies narrow their search.

Because not all systems are the same, you need to understand your options. This guidebook goes over the absolute essentials for new recording solutions and highlights other helpful features to help you do your research.

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