Learn how you how to save your child advocacy center time and funds, empower you to protect children, and help your center build a stronger case.

The iRecord team will be at the following events this year. We hope to see you and show you what more you can do!

April 24-25 – 2017 CAC/MDT Professional Development Conference http://www.mivoice4kids.org/

July 12-14 – Florida Krimes Against Kids Conference http://www.fncac.org/

August 7-10 – 29th Annual Crimes Against Children Conference http://www.cacconference.org/

October 8-10 – Connecting for Children’s Justice Conference http://www.tncac.org/

How You Can Strengthen Your Case with iRecord

Did you know a high-quality interview may help resolve a case without the child having to testify in the courtroom? Additionally, high-quality video recording can elicit a higher number of confessions.  

iRecord has led the way in advancing user-friendly recording equipment. Our one-touch recording system means your team can instantly begin documenting an interview without needing to sit through a complicated training course to learn recording equipment.

You can give your child advocacy center the added edge that’s often needed in complex cases by significantly enhancing the ability of prosecutors to file appropriate charges.

Find out how by following the link below.

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