Classroom Recording Equipment Helps You Connect to More Students

From the classroom to the lab to self-observation, iRecord is a natural partner for any professional or student who is striving to improve. Use video any time you need to securely document, store and retrieve/share footage such as:

  • Interviews
  • Demonstrations
  • Class Sessions
  • Employment Screening
  • Conduct Reviews
  • Remote Attendance and Monitoring
  • Video Blogging

iRecord Advantage


Eliminate costly and time consuming video training with iRecords one touch recording. If you can operate a light switch you can record an interview with iRecord. (Click Here For 10 Second Training Video)


The iRecord Evidence Vault is one of the very first interview management tracking applications for police and law enforcement agencies. Our software is ideal for agencies that track interviews from the point of recording by detective until it is ordered to be destroyed. iRecord’s scalable system networks multiple interview rooms to one recorder, then routes all the resulting footage to a central server. Metadata makes it easy to find individual interviews, which can be viewed from any networked computer. The secure Evidence Vault makes it easy to control access, and allows for back up to the Microsoft CJIS cloud for compliance and security.


iRecord Anywhere is the first surface tablet designed to create digital video recordings of interrogations. With iRecord Anywhere, you can conduct high quality mobile interviews anytime, anywhere. Interview a victim in the field and capture vital video and audio content for professional analysis. If your organization is already equipped with tablets, our downloadable software-only option can harness those devices into a unified network for digital video collection. A Havis rack-mounted system and dashboard camera bring the power of our digital recording devices to your vehicle. iRecord Anywhere integrates seamlessly with the iRecord Evidence Vault to securely store and manage all files.

iRecord Benefits

Why is video such a natural fit for higher education?

Video is objective.

Video observations remove subjectivity from the process. A recent Harvard study of hundreds of educators across multiple states found that when observations are videoed, there are two important benefits:

  • Those videoed are less prone to argue with critique.
  • They are quicker to self-assess.

When someone can sit down and watch a video of their own performance, their reviewer can point out specific issues– but often won’t have to. It’s easy for the subject to self-assess and find opportunities for improvement without being told. Which brings us to another important point:

Video observations empower people.

When people observe themselves, their wheels start turning, and they have an immediate opportunity to improve the quality of their practices. Video observations don’t generate arguments; they generate action plans.

Video yields ongoing benefits.

Anecdotal observations reflect what stood out to the observer. They’re a finite resource, and as hard as we try, they may not reflect nuances that could be helpful to the person being observed. Videos provide a walk-through of the experience that the person being observed can return to again and again, gleaning new insights with each pass.

iRecord offers flexible video observation solutions, adapting to a wide variety of settings with ease. Whether you’re viewing a live stream or reviewing HD-quality recordings at your convenience, they’ll be securely stored and well-organized behind customizable permissions in our vault system. Adding video recordings to your list of best practices is much easier than you might think. Reach out to iRecord to find out more about how you can put digital video to work at your academic institution.



  • Software Only Download Option
  • Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet
  • Chain of Evidence
  • Copies in WMV, WMA & MPEG-4
  • Video Grab Frame Technology
  • META Data
  • Searchable Notes
  • Save to USB Flash Drive
  • Thumbnail Video Playback Preview
  • SQL Database
  • Simple One-Touch Recording
  • Touch Screen User Interface
  • New, Next-Generation Interface Design
  • Export to all iRecord Legacy Systems
  • Non Proprietary CODECS
  • Video Date/Time Overlay Watermarking


  • IP Cameras / HD
  • Video Grab Frame Technology
  • META Data
  • Searchable Notes
  • Thumbnail Video Playback Preview
  • Simple One-Touch Recording
  • Video Redaction Software
  • Non Proprietary CODECS
  • Picture in Picture
  • Remote Start/Stop
  • Save To USB Flash Drive
  • Windows Media Files / Consumer DVD
  • Video Date/Time Overlay Watermarking
  • Chain of Evidence – Audit Trail Report
  • Video File Import
  • Cost Efficient CJIS Cloud Storage
  • Save Valuable Server Area Space with Cloud Storage


  • Automatic Cloud Backups
  • Mobile and Desktop Cloud Access
  • Easy-share Recordings
  • Secure Storage and Backups
  • Quick File Recovery
  • CJIS Compliant Cloud
  • Advanced Network Connectivity (LAN or WAN)
  • Windows 2008 Server
  • Advanced Interdepartmental Security
  • Automatically Export Files to Network Storage
  • Advanced Long Term Storage Options
  • Compatible with Virtual Servers
  • Advanced Backup and Redundancy
  • Supports Unlimited Simultaneous Users
  • Single Centralized Database

Higher Education Case Studies

Christian Theological Seminary Case Study

The Christian Theological Seminary uses iRecord to easily record and securely store student counseling recording sessions.

The Counseling center provides a safe, caring, and inclusive environment for clients to work through the challenges and issues they come to resolve.

The CTS Counseling Center provides counseling services for individuals, couples, families and children. The Marriage and Family Therapy MA Program is accredited by COMAFTE, a unit of AAMFT. The Counseling Center is accredited as a training center by the American Association of Pastoral Counselors (AAPC).

Download the Full Case Study

Education Recording Suite

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