Bring Your Interview Room into the 21st Century

Trends in digital recording have continued to show that police departments which fully outfit their buildings with interview rooms and state-of-the art digital recording equipment experience:

  • Faster time-to-trial
  • Reduced numbers of false confessions
  • Greater efficiencies in file sharing and saving
  • Many other operational advantages

Since implementing the system, we have conducted several interviews, and have been especially pleased with the product. iRecord is simple to use. That is key because Detectives don’t have time to learn complex systems, they just need to be able to do their jobs.

Captain Scott D. Hanley | South Bend, In. Police Department

The International Association of Chiefs of Police has developed 18 steps that police departments can follow to modernize and streamline the interview room and interview capture process. In “10 Things You Need to Know When Designing an Interview Room,” we highlight the most vital steps and considerations throughout this process.

Download “10 Things You Need to Know When Designing an Interview Room"

Learn how to implement a solution that provides...

One-Touch Interview Recording

Eliminate costly and time-consuming video training with one-touch recording. If you can operate a light switch, you can record an interview.

Evidence Vault Video Capture

Track interviews through all stages of an investigation, from initial recording to secure storage on a central server.

Mobile Police Interview Capabilities

Conduct high quality mobile interviews anytime, anywhere. Interview a victim in the field and capture vital video and audio content for professional analysis.

Download “10 Things You Need to Know When Designing an Interview Room"

Get the resources you need to modernize your interview process, from establishing your project pre-design team and analyzing space needs, to building the facility and developing an occupancy strategy.

About iRecord

iRecord helps those who serve and protect do just that: serve and protect. We pride ourselves on being part of a solution for a better, safer world. We are committed to serving law enforcement and child advocacy organizations. In 2002 iRecord was designed and developed specifically for electronic recording of interrogations and has been installed in over 3,000 police department interrogation rooms and child advocacy center forensic interview rooms. Made in the USA – with the help of detectives, law enforcement professionals, and computer software and hardware engineers. iRecord is “purposeful” technology and helps organizations like yours cost-effectively increase efficiency and productivity, helping you better serve and protect.