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Protecting Your Video Evidence with Watermarking

Agencies work hard to collect and secure vital interview evidence for their cases. Making sure those video files are protected is a key part of ensuring that justice is upheld. You can’t risk having your original files tampered with or copied without good reason. That’s why your interview recording equipment needs to have watermarking.


About Watermarking Interview Evidence

When talking about watermarking for interview evidence, you typically have two different categories. The first one is visible watermarking. This will be an unique image overlay on the video itself, such as a logo or text. This can be used to prove where the original content is coming from, or who owns the file.

The second type of digital watermarking is invisible. It is added to the data files themselves, so computers will pick up on the “watermark,” but humans will not. Digital watermarking works to confront security concerns with sensitive files. These can be set up to include a sort of “secret message” to track unauthorized copies of video interview evidence. Using both types of digital watermarking—the visible and the invisible—are a crucial part of maintaining your court-admissible interview evidence.


Why Do We Need Watermarking?

Including watermarking is all about adding security to your files. For video evidence, storing files in a password-protected zone is just one piece of the puzzle. Agencies also need to show the court that the original content has not been altered, outside of the standard process of making redactions. Pulling specific sections from the complete interview is a helpful tool, but you still need to have access to the complete, unedited recording.

Visible watermarks work to prove that your evidence provides accurate documentation of the interview process. An automatic time/date stamp over the video file should be a given for audio video recording equipment used for interview evidence. These watermarks make it clear when edits have occurred and help you track the entire interview.

The digital watermarks can provide another layer of security by restricting who can share and view the content. With so much on the line for reliable interview recordings, it’s always good to have extra security in place.


Streamline Your System with iRecord

The more protocols you have for saving, storing, and sharing your interview evidence, the better. Agencies can’t risk having their files corrupted or distributed to unapproved parties. Watermarking is one way of showing that your evidence is intact. Then, whenever you do need to make redactions, the edits will be immediately clear. The time/date overlay for your video will show exactly how and when the content has been cut.


If you’re curious to hear more about how digital watermarking can protect your recordings, please don’t hesitate to give our team a call at 1-800-806-5339. At iRecord, we always strive to be on the cutting edge of technology, and we know that your security concerns are a top priority. Let us show you how our systems can work with your team to make submitting interview evidence easier than ever before!