Does your organization have a Facebook page? Or a Twitter profile? Social media is an affordable and efficient way to spread the word about the Help End Child Abuse contest. Use social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to encourage people to vote for your organization.


We will be choosing two CAC’s a week to feature on our website. Increase your chances to be featured by liking iRecord on Facebook, following iRecord on Twitter, and subscribing to iRecord’s YouTube channel.


Email is a great tool to spread the word about the contest as well! If your organization sends out an e-newsletter be sure to include information on how to vote for you CAC.


Below are some sample messaging to use on email and across the social media platforms to help you drum up some votes. All you have to do is copy and paste the content and send it out to your friends, followers, and fans.



Be sure to vote for us in @iRecord’s CAC contest! We could win a digital, video, and audio interview recording system worth over $10,000 that would be installed in one of our interview rooms! Help us and iRecord in the fight to #endchildabuse.



Vote for us in @IRecordDigital’s CAC contest! We could win an interview recording system worth $10,000! #endchildabuse