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Store Your Interview Evidence with a Digital Evidence Management System

Public safety agencies know that their interview evidence provides some of the most valuable information for our justice system. Yet all too often, we’re finding that teams still haven’t made the switch to a digital evidence management system. The process is actually a lot easier than you might think!

The Problems with Physical Evidence Storage

While there are plenty of things that simply can’t be stored digitally, interview evidence should never rely on physical storage. DVDs and even using flash drives to transfer evidence from one party to another simply aren’t reliable. There’s simply too much at stake.

Losing a piece of evidence can quickly become the worst thing that happens to a case. Whether for a minor misdemeanor or a high-profile event, the court needs to have access to every single detail that law enforcement has been able to collect.

Even if an agency has a digital audio video recording system in place, that doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t still turning to physical evidence storage. Think about the onsite servers. If something were to happen to them, there would be no way to retrieve all of the files you had previously saved.

Unfortunately, trying to create redundant storage with flash drives isn’t really any better. The process is incredibly time-consuming. Plus, it’s just too risky for that evidence to find its way into the wrong hands. That’s why agencies all across the country are deciding to move to a more secure process. Adopting their own digital evidence management system makes more effective than ever to protect their evidence.

Benefits of a Digital Evidence Management System

The real difference between physical storage for police interview evidence and a digital storage solution comes down to one thing: Security. We need to secure all of the evidence we collect for a case, and without a digital evidence management system that works through the cloud, all of those recordings are left vulnerable. The files can be erased from your servers, and flash drives can easily get lost in transit.

With a cloud solution, though, you don’t need to have those worries. The cloud functions as a redundant storage system all on its own. And with a good digital evidence management system—one that’s strategically designed for law enforcement and public safety—you also get a solution that’s easy to use and highly secure with strong encryption.

Switching to the Cloud: The Power of iRecord with NICE Investigate

Our team at iRecord has been proud to partner with NICE Investigate in creating a digital evidence management system that truly leads the way in the industry. With our interview recording solutions and this new offering, we’re able to give agencies everything they need to not only record high-quality interview evidence, but also securely store it in the cloud.

What’s more, we’ve been able to design the iRecord Cloud as a user-friendly portal. That way, every party involved with the case can have remote access to that digital evidence. The solution is extremely secure, and yet it also gives you the functionality to collaborate anywhere you have internet access. Everything happens online, so it doesn’t matter whether you’re in the office or working remotely. It’s a true gamechanger.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you might have about the future of digital evidence storage and management. Our team is always happy to connect. We’d love to help you agency move forward with a modern and streamlined solution!