Protect the forensic interviews like you protect the kids™

iRecord is proud to partner with VidaNyx to bring secure cloud-based video sharing, protection and collaboration to Child Advocacy Centers. VidaNyx is the leader in Multidisciplinary Team Video Management, empowering MDTs to easily and securely collaborate, investigate, and expedite justice by up to 67% while helping you to substantially reduce your case processing costs.

VidaNyx cares deeply about protecting children and supporting Child Advocacy Centers through a multidisciplinary approach. Using iRecord together with VidaNyx enables a more efficient digital workflow for all agency professionals collaborating on child abuse and assault cases.

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What is VidaNyx?

VidaNyx provides a secure cloud-based solution for Child Advocacy Centers to share, manage, archive and collaborate on forensic interview videos. Ditch the DVD and use VidaNyx to manage forensic interviews — it mitigates the operational costs and security risks of a DVD-based system for all agencies handling the interview. VidaNyx is wrapped in 13 layers of military-grade security for the peace of mind of agency professionals and the children and families you serve.

VidaNyx was created specifically for the needs of Child Advocacy Centers. It was built from the ground up as a collective effort working with the National Children’s Alliance, and an advisory council of expert attorneys, forensic interviewers, therapists, the FBI, prosecutors, Child Advocacy Centers, and philanthropists.

How It Works

Forensic interviews recorded using iRecord can easily be imported to VidaNyx in a fully digital workflow to protect and manage forensic interviews without the need for DVDs. Video files can be simply drag-and-dropped from iRecord into VidaNyx. Shortly, Child Advocacy Centers will be able to transfer videos from iRecord to VidaNyx directly with one touch.

Decrease Operating Costs

Increase Case Management Capacity

Real-Time Reporting

Chain of Custody & Transfer of Custodianship

Closed-Captioning & Automated Transcripts (Beta)

13 Layers of Security

Decrease Human Error

Encrypted Downloads


10 VidaNyx Grant Opportunities – Special Limited Time Offer


iRecord Kicks Off Partnership with 10 VidaNyx Grant Opportunities available to CACs

The first ten current or new customers of an iRecord interview recording system will receive a $1,990.00 grant toward a subscription of VidaNyx – CAC Edition.

To qualify, please contact [email protected] with your agency name, address, contact, phone, e-mail and 501c3 certificate.

Ryan will verify your purchase of a new or existing iRecord interview recording system then connect you with the VidaNyx team. Upon verification that your annual subscription is complete, a check will be issued directly to the agency. This promotion expires December 31, 2019 or when (10) agencies have qualified, whichever occurs soonest.

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