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Why iRecord Utilizes WMV Format

At iRecord, we’re committed to developing and delivering the very best in digital audio and video recording equipment for interview evidence. Our mission is to serve and protect those who serve and protect, and that means making sure your evidence is recorded properly. Having high resolution video and high-quality sound in your recordings is key. One way we make that happen is with WMV files.


What Are WMV Files?

A Windows Media Video (WMV) file is one of the most popular video files. The format is also one that’s been used longer than others. WMVs are known for their quality. Compared to other highly compressed videos, they are much smaller.

Whenever you see a WMV file, in actuality, you’re probably dealing with three distinct files. There will be an audio file, a video file, as well as a container file. That last one is what distinguishes your recording as a WMV. It’s the video compression format, which means it tells your system how to play the audio and video files so they work together.


Why iRecord Universe Uses WMV

Our interview room recording solution utilizes WMV because it comes with a variety of advantages for users. With iRecord Universe, agencies are able to work with files that are relatively small for the amount of data they are storing. This can make them easier to share between departments and other approved parties.

Since most agencies are already working with Windows programs, WMV videos can also be a smart choice because they work seamlessly with the systems that are in place. In those cases, WMV formats are easy to adopt.


Sharing Your Evidence with WMV

Once the interview recording session is complete, iRecord Universe allows users to make copies of the audio and video files in WMV. (In addition to what’s already saved in the system.).  For agencies that became used to working with hard copies of recordings before implementing iRecord, the ability to transfer interviews to DVD can be especially appealing.

You also have the choice to work with USB. If burning DVD copies becomes too cumbersome, you can simply save your recordings to a secure USB in WMV format. From there, you’ll be able to deliver your evidence to wherever it needs to go.

For other agencies, though, it’s worth making the switch to all-digital sharing. Our process helps you simplify the process of saving and sharing all of your valuable interview evidence. Rather than deal with the transfer and storage of DVDs or USBs, it might be time to upgrade your tech. If you want to discuss your options and see if a new content management solution is right for your team, please give iRecord a call at 1-800-806-5339.


We are always happy to talk with you about our systems. We might even be able to give you some advice on financing your new video recording solution through a grant. You work hard to uphold justice. Let us show you another way to take your process to the next level.